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Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋡

MISS SL ♛ Vietnam Rehana Seljan
MISS SL 2nd Challenge “Mythical Goddess”

Rehana disguises as Persephone, who brings spring to the world. One day, she picked flowers with fairy. When she tried to pick a beautiful daffodil, Hades brought her to realm of the world. Unfortunately, she had 4 pomegranates, so she had to spend one third of the year in realm of the world. During she stay there, the winter comes on earth and it is season of barren. When Pesephone returns on earth, her mother Demeter bubbled over the joy. That is spring.

Peresephone is goddess of spring, and season of sprouting.
Rehana arranged daffodils and a pomegranate, which simbolizes Perephone, and expressed her joy of joining Miss SL by her styling with full blooms.

Thank you for translation Mio :)