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Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋡

MISS SL ♛ Vietnam Rehana Seljan
Theme: The Pierrot

Rehana Seljan of MISS SL ♛ Vietnam got inspiration from the clown on the girl who held sadness in her heart.
She was rope walking aim to be the star of the circus before. But one day, She miss her footing with the rope. And unfortunately a lifeline was cut and has been nailed on the ground. she did a compound fracture and was able to never walk on a tightrope.
But, She chose the way become a Clown, because She lived on the circus since she was small, she does not know how to live other than circus. She loved beautiful things want to ware a beautiful things in the body as for as possible there can be even in now I become a clown and always decorates the many flower.