地球のみなさんこんにちは、Rehana Seljan です㋡
Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋡

Thank you Dani. I loving you forever. You had always help me. It is my happiness to meet you in your short life.

Alex (Silver/Blue)
Dani Memorial Show


When I met Dani for the first time, she just started the shop named “D-DESIGN”. We did not need long time to become friends. Since after that, I love her dresses and chatting with her, which was sometimes no stories and went silly. She also liked my stying and blog.

Mims (Gold)
Dani Memorial Show

Mimsはわたしが2013/14 DANIELLE FASHIONISTA March 1st runner up になったときに着たOutfitです。とてもお気に入りの一着です。Daniはとても平等な人で、コンテストにおいても公平なジャッジをしていました。わたしは翌月の Aplirで、FASHIONISTAに輝くことができました。今でも光栄に思っています。

I wore Mins when I became 1st runner up for DANIELLE FASHIONISTA March in 2013/2014. This out fit is one of my very fav. Dani was very fair so judged the contest without favoritism. Finally I could win FASHIONISTA Contest on next April. I still feel to be honored till now.

Sakura (Pink)
Dani Memorial Show

“Sakura”は日本の言葉で”Cherry Blossom”を意味します。Daniはわたしの国、日本と日本のテキスタイルを愛してくれていました。彼女とはよく日本の文化について話しました。真面目な話をしていても、すぐにガールズトークになってしまっていましたが。わたしにとって彼女との日々は、まるで宝石箱を覗いているような時間でした。ありがとう。

Sakura means “Cherry Blossoms” in Japanese. Dani loves my country, Japan and Japanese textiles. I and Dani often talked about Japanese culture. (We started talking seriously but soon end up with girl’s talk though). For me, days with her was like looking into a beautiful gem box. Thank you.

Gigi (Ash)
Dani Memorial Show

Dani とはじめて会ったのは、2010年の3月6日のことでした。ブログに書いたら、翌日にはグループ通知でお知らせが。彼女はわたしのブログをとても喜んび、愛してくれました。それから D-DESIGN の私設応援団を始めました。店名を Styles by Danielle に変えてからもそれは変わらず、わたしも彼女の作るドレスを愛しました。
心残りがあります。それは Dani が最後にリリースしたドレスを彼女が生きているうちにブログに書けなかったことです。できるなら、彼女が喜ぶのを感じたかった。彼女はいつもわたしのブログを喜んでくれたから。

I first met Dani at 6th March 2010. I told her I would write a blog. She shed it on a group notice next day. She loved my blog every time. Then, I started a private cheering team of D-DESIGN. She kept on changing the store name to Styles by Danielle as usual. I love the dress that she makes.
There are regrets. That is why I could not write her dress last released on this blog while she was alive. If I could, I wanted to feel her rejoicing. She always loved my blog.

Dani ありがとう。そして安らかにお眠り下さい。

Finally, for a little luxury, I wanted her to make my wedding dress of SL, if I hade the chance to wear it. That dresm will not come true anymore. I am lonely.
Thank you Dani. Please sleep peacefully.

Your little Japanese friend, Rhena Seljan.