地球のみなさんこんにちは、Rehana Seljan です㋡
Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋛

1st Runway Challenge – VOGUE
Date: March 10th, 2018

MISS SL ♛ Japan says, “We were born with various personalities. In many scenes the personality is expressed by the 花 (Hana) in Japan. The Hana are symbols of hope and strength, not power. Therefore, I chose the Italian Vogue cover from September 2010. The 花 (Hana) is beautiful and ushers people to hope, even if it just blooms.As the shape of the 花 (Hana) is various, the appearance of people is also various. We accept the 花 (Hana) lives into our own heart, standing strong on the ground.

MISS SL 2018 - 1st Runway Challenge - VOGUE

MISS SL 2018 - 1st Runway Challenge - VOGUE